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Our Meal Mixes

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It's that time of year again! Time to send the kids back to school and the young adults off to college!

Here at Create A Can we can help you give a gift that is meaningful, and personalized. Whether your student likes chocolate, needs an after school spa day or to relax with some munchies, we've got you covered!
We have gift cans designed for teachers, administrators, the school nurse, and of course your student!


Our Baby Care gift can is one of the best gifts you can get a new parent! It comes filled with lots of useful items to take care of the new baby with such as shampoo, oil, powder, washcloths, clippers, bib, onsies, newborn size diapers, rattles and more!

Don't know the sex of the baby? That is alright! We can do a general neutral can for you!

Know the babies name? We can personalize it for FREE for you with the babies name on it.

Already been born? Add the birth date, weight, height, etc. We really can make it a personalized gift for you.

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Everyone spends their Summer differently. Some people find that it's a time when children are let out from school and family members spend their days enjoying each others company. Other people find their Summer to be a time for spreading tanning lotion on and taking a trip to the beach. A portion of my family spends their Summer traveling to all of the watering holes in Upstate New York to catch those big thousand pound trouts they always pretend to find. What kind of Summer do you spend?

No matter what you are doing, most of you (at least here in Northern New York) are just satisfied that you don't have to spend an hour every morning cleaning off a frozen icicle you believe to be your car.

After a few months of fun, it will soon be ending; but all of you still have time to enjoy those last moments. Buy a gift can for your family, then go spend another few days kicking back and enjoying yourselves.

We will be holding an End-of-Summer sale from August 20th to September 1st. Every purchase during that time frame will receive a 20% discount

Check out some our most commonly purchased Summer can designs:

Wishin I was Fishin | BBQ Grillin | Unfilled Summer

Keep in mind, all of our unfilled Summer cans have the ability to be filled with miscellaneous products. Contact us for more information.


Quick Pick Gift

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We offer a generous fundraising program for our gift cans,
earning you an average profit of $3 per can.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today!

We Recycle - We Reuse!

Since we are a growing home based business, anytime we can save on expenses is better for you! When we package our boxes for shipment, we use grocery bags, newspapers, tissue paper, peanuts, etc. for packaging - if we have it on hand, we will use it!


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